European Kickboxing

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At the Institute of Martial Arts we have a program to meet your specific need, skill level and goal.

Kickboxing is made up of two components (can be taken individually): a Fight component, Muay Thai, centered around the technical skills necessary to control your opponent and a fitness component, FightShape, designed to give you the fitness and stamina to make it through the heat of battle.

Muay Thai: Created on the battlefield as the Siamese army’s hand to hand combat, over time, it has evolved into one of the most respected and ring proven stand up styles. Make use of all your body’s weapons (Punches, Kicks, Knees, Elbows) to brutalize your opponent with hard contact. Temper your body to shrug off impact.  We teach a hybrid system of the traditional and international muay thai. All traditional skills will be covered and added to with western style boxing techniques. Consisting of pad drills, partner drills and bag work. Taught technically, with an emphasis on skill development, and strategic understanding. You don’t need to fight to learn, but you will learn to fight.

FightShape: Much more than your average “Cardio” class. This is a program built to get you used to going hard round after round. Wanna shake off the stress of the day as well as some of those extra calories?. Kickboxing has been shown to be an effective way to do both. Worried about bulking up? Look at the average kickboxers body. Slim and strong.

Partner drills, bag rounds, medicine ball drills, shadowboxing, plyometric, callestenics and other body weight based workouts will help you tone up and lean out. Designed to build stamina and endurance, workouts will be broken into rounds with breaks in-between, you will be encouraged to push yourself and give everything you have in your tank.